Angry-Looking Cat Supervises Watermelons In Thailand And Is Loved By The Community


The angrier the cat, the funnier it is. This is the feline law of nature. You do not trust me? Just look at a ball named Pearl, an experienced Thailand supervisor who has been guarding a watermelon farm for almost 6 years. Pearl’s superpowers are its ability to cause chills on the back with a blinding look.


But its owner warns that its appearance should not be misleading, because Pearl is the sweetest little fighter in the village. We believe her, but this does not mean that this funny and slightly intimidating supervisor allows someone to try this sweet melon before paying for it.

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Before picking up a watermelon, you should look at Pearl




It’s no secret that the Internet is crazy about grumpy cats. Their bewitching looks and chilling looks were both irresistible and hysterically funny.

The giant fluff from Taiwan called Meow Meow caught everyone’s attention when people said she looked meaner than her famous predecessor (although no one would replace a truly cult grumpy cat!) Another fluffy boy named Louis from Texas made everyone talk about how angry he is. and his followers on 20K Instagram could not agree with this.

And no one will ever forget the bright Persian cat Garfi, whom we wrote about 5 years ago. Looking like a real insidious villain, Garfy gained momentum thanks to his incredible posing skills and the endless fluffiness of ginger.




But there may be a good reason why the Internet loves cats so much. Sam F0rd, direct0r 0f digital strategy at Pepperc0m and a research subsidiary 0f MIT C0nvergence Culture Consortium, suggests that they allow us to engage in activities that people have long been engaged in.

Comparing amazing meanings with images of cats, like the L0Lcats phenomenon, allows us to project our thoughts onto the mysterious feline face, he told Masible. We not only project our thoughts, we can instantly relate to many feline facial expressions. Like them, we too can move from a simple grumpy to a super-excited in a minute.














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