Woman’s Dog Dies And Just A Few Hours Later ‘Reappears In The Sky’, Others Share Similar Stories


When our beloved pets die, we look for any signs, even small ones, that will tell us that they are in a better place. In the end, even small amenities help us when we mourn. When on June 20, the 14-year-old family d0g ​​Sunny Lucy Ledgway passed away, she asked t0 sh0w that the animal was fine, wherever he is n0w.


It was then that a 19-year-0ld girl from Y0rk saw the face of her pars0n-Russell terrier in the cl0uds, several hours after her death. Lucy shared a photo of the clouds on Twitter, and her publication became viral, receiving more than 100.9 thousand Likes.

However, Lucy is not the only one who saw her former pets in the sky – other owners shared their stories on the Internet after watching Lucy’s post. Scroll down to see them, dear pandas, and let us know in the comments below if you have ever seen the face of a beloved pet in nature or elsewhere

Lucy saw her d0g Sunny’s face in the cl0uds just h0urs after she passed away.This is Sunny. She was 14 years 0ld when she passed away

Here’s the phot0 that Lucy t0ok of her d0g’s face in the cl0uds


This is Lucy and Sunny t0gether. L0ok h0w happy they are..!

At the point when Sunny appeared to Lucy, the lady was sitting in a similar vehicle seat where the pooch had endured a seizure and died only hours sooner. The mists shaped into the pooch’s face similarly as Lucy and her beau were driving past Clifton Ings where Sunny used to take strolls.Lucy said that she chuckled to herself and imagined ‘that is my young lady’ when she saw Sunny’s face. She said she realized her canine was telling the family that she’s OK.As per Lucy, her sweetheart couldn’t accept what both of them saw. She included that it was an exceptional second that they will consistently love.Pe0ple reacted t0 Lucy’s p0st by telling similar st0ries ab0ut their pets.

























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