Artist Crafts Incredibly Cute Felted Cats That Look Like Children’s Book Characters


Russian artist Elizaveta Delektorskaya is no exception – she creates amazing felt cats that look as if they can come to life at any second.

With their large, realistic glass eyes, thin mustache, pointed ears and patterned fur, each unique cat felt looks like a character from a childhood story. S0me even have their 0wn bags, scarves and c0llars, adding even m0re pers0nality t0 each little character. But perhaps the most pleasant feature of the larger Delektorsky cats is their soft paws, which are pink or black – like a real cat! Each cat needs about 3-7 hours, and it is made manually from 100% natural sheep’s wool – you can only imagine how incredibly soft they feel. However, Delektorskaya emphasizes that her cats must be handled with care, as they are intended for collectors.

Scroll down to check out some of the delector’s charming felt cats, and follow her on Instagram for more.


















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