Artist Creates Comics About Mental Health, Equal Rights, And What It’s Like Being A Woman (24 New Comics)


Life is often full of difficult and strange situations. Relationships, work, family, and daily problems overwhelm us and don’t seem to work in our favor. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for and everyone seems to be against you. Bevs Boredom has produced cartoons on these topics. He describes his daily problems and adds a positive and humorous taste to them. Share these situations with us so that we all understand that we don’t all feel lonely and that we all have similar problems. This is to make them laugh and try to see the good side of things. So we face the challenges that life offers us and we are not afraid of anything! To start things off, we asked her what inspired her to create these fun, amazing and evocative comics: “What inspired me when I started making everyone ‘s comics is- funny art that was around at the time! ”


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The artist also shared the main focus of her comics: “When I started in 2018, I wanted to use my design and writing skills on a regular basis, but now my goal is to help them feel less alone with what lies ahead. “Bev creates her comics on her own, however, according to her, her boyfriend and sister are very helpful with proofreading and come up with ideas when she comes across the art block.





























The artist talks about what is the most difficult part of making these comics: “More personal comics are definitely difficult at the moment and I always think I will be judged by sharing, but my subscribers always get such positive feedback. It’s great to see that we all have a safe space to talk about things, and we know that we are not alone in going through tough times.



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