Australian Girl Makes These Hilariously Relatable Comics About Regular Life (30 New Comics)


Who thinks everyday life should be boring and boring? Jessica Rae, who makes these hilarious Dudley Squats comics about the good old worldly life, of course, doesn’t. Pieces of life doodles may not seem so complicated, but hey, they are called “doodles squats” for a reason! (Diddley squat means “very small amount”)The comics speak for themselves. These include cats (!), Everyday struggles, girl/relationship/parenting issues, and so on. Needless to say, they are fun no matter the specific topic. But comics don’t speak for themselves. Aussie Jess Ray has a lot to add too! The author enthusiastically how her comic came about and how she’s been doing lately. “I started making comics about 10 years ago. There was quite a bit of text in my Facebook feed and I got tired of it, so I downloaded a drawing app for kids and thought I’d start drawing what was going on in my daily life instead. I first drew a spider that was crawling up my arm when I watched TV, and although the drawing was horrible, my friends laughed at it, so I kept drawing them and eventually started making panel comics.

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#1 So true! I saw a cat today in my backyard. I want it to come but no it bolted.
























Her opinions about her own comic are as sincere and lighthearted as the comic itself. “I’m not really trying to say anything. I guess I just want people to be able to laugh at them. I don’t really like arguing with people, so I try not to do anything political or controversial. ”








It is quite natural for the author that some of his works are liked more than others. Her favorites “are definitely based on random thoughts that I sometimes have. Like comics about cavemen or comics about unexpected boobies, they are a little obscure and a little silly, but they make me laugh, which is why I love them.


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