Artist Creates Tiny Realistic-Looking Felted Wool Animals, And These Are Her Cutest Creations


Splendid Yulia Derevschikova is a Russian Artist who incredibly felted fleece creatures into a lovable viral sensation.She has made a considerable lot of creatures out of fleece and her Instagram is full with adorable looking grovels, mice, and rabbits. Here are a few

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#1 Fox bauble

#2 Fawn Eve Baby at home

#3 A little hug in the ribbon

#4 Foal?

#5 This pot-bellied little thing didn’t even want to go outside for the sake of beautiful shots in the snow ❄️❄️❄️ Here is such a sissy, I had to babysit her at home

#6 Little Alpaca In fact, it’s not so small The height of the figure is 27cm.
Baby at home.

#7 Meet the fox Jay

#8 Baby Panda? Height 10cm

#9 A cute and almost spring baby hedgehog. Finally, you can take pictures of the animals slowly, without threatening to freeze your hands?? And when there is no wind, it’s absolutely beauty!



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