The owner takes his dog for skydiving


Are you afraid of heights? This fearless dog is definitely not! She parachuted more than once.



Kazuza is a Border Collie dog. Its owner – 38-year-old Bruno Valent – is a real extreme. He loves height and base jumping, to which he also addicted his dog.
Kazuza parachuted more than 40 times! For a 6-year-old dog, there is nothing better than conquering heights with the owner.

Recently, the owner and the faithful dog together made a jump from a 700-meter cliff near Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland). How do you like this extreme?

If you think that the owner makes the dog jump, then this is not so. In the video shot by Bruno’s friend – Jock Sommerov – it is clearly visible that the dog is not afraid and is looking forward to the jump.

At the beginning of his baseball career, Bruno often refused to jump, because he was afraid for the dog: if something happened to the man, then there would be no one to take care of the dog, and he would also leave the pet at home, going to work. Kazuza was left at home alone and sad.


Then the guy decided that Kazuza should also try to jump with him. He bought equipment, prepared the girl – and after the first jump it became clear that she really liked the height.

Now Kazuza is an experienced skydiver. She trusts the owner and joyfully jumps, anticipating the flight.


The dog is always ready to jump with the owner. Together they made more than 40 jumps, but this is only the beginning!




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