Artist draw dogs into famous marvel characters and results are ”pawsome”


If so, then you have come to the right place, because we are going to show you something that you most likely have not seen before! More recently, a very talented artist Josh Lynch suggested a super cute and exciting idea to illustrate dog breeds as different characters in the Marvel universe!

Now how cool is that? Cute dogs like famous superheroes. Below is a list of some of his works that we have compiled for you. These creations not only give owners ideas for cute costumes, but are actually very mesmerizing! From Wolverine to Thor and from the Ghost Rider to Modoc, we have it all! So, without waiting for the next second scroll below, take a look at real superheroes!

More info .jlynchart.cominstaGram

#1 Cybork

#2 Dogpool

#3 Chew-bilee

#4 Spider-pug

#5 Pugnisher

#6 Pugdok

#7 Ghostweiler

#8 Fantastic Doxin

#9 Watchdog

#10 The Worthy Retriever

#11 The woofing Loki.

#12 Wooferine

#13 Galactadog

#14 Tony Bark

#15 The mighty dogg0 with infinity st0nes.

#16 Silver Sniffer

#17 Captain Pug and the Red Sniffer.

#18 Cydog

#19 Doctor Octopug

#20 The incredible Bulldog

#21 a good Daredoggo!

So, did you like these amazing creations? Is this a beautiful work of art or what? Anyone who loves both dogs and comics will sincerely agree. S0 what d0 y0u think ab0ut this? Comment below..


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