Comic Artist “Tauhid Bondia” Is Back With 30 New Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings


As a kid, it’s a miraculous time of vibrant imagination, where a simple box becomes a castle, a stuffed animal becomes a dragon or an adventurous companion, and every task becomes a quest you have to accomplish. Most of us probably miss the good times we played with our friends. Now, this artist decided to take advantage of that feeling by creating these funny, adventurous cartoons about childhood. Tauhid Bondia created two characters and best friends named Kevin and Curtis and named the entire series Crabgrass. Duos get into all sorts of trouble and cause a lot of shenanigans. So if you want to remember what you were doing as a kid, these illustrations are perfect for you!


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#1 Calvin and Hobbes references i see it

#2 That was cold, Miles.


#3 Just found your comic and I’m really enjoying it! Great work

Recently I’ve been inspired by my favorite manga artist. People like Will Henry, Bill Watterson, Scott Curts. Tawhid has a lot of favorite manga creators who inspire his artistic journey to keep this great manga going. The list includes Jim Borgman, Janet Nicholas, Dana Simpson, and the three mentioned above. Tawheed He said he has more, but the list would be too long.


Tawheed is grateful to his mother for supporting him when he started art. For young artists. Just ask someone to keep it up.





The artist explains why he chose to make cartoons about his childhood in the 80’s: My best friend when I was a kid. I think the personal touch has struck a chord with people more than any other manga. But over time, Kevin and Miles have evolved and aren’t quite like us. The character grows himself after being with you for a while


























When asked how to express his manga, Tawheed said, “Artistically, I like my style to be organic. As much as I can. I do everything digitally. From a writing point of view, I try to make myself smile at least on each strip. Humor is important, but sometimes inspirational moments are just as important. is



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