These Comics Explaining Why You Haven’t Found Love Yet


This article is intended for those who are ready for love but don’t always understand why to avoid these feelings. Six reasons and colorful pictures answer the question of why you are still lonely. we tries to explain why people wait for this precious feeling to pass as usual.

#1 There is no place for love in your life.

So you understand that you are ready. Willing to love and be with people forever and ever. But you won’t see this person tonight because you’ll be staying at work (like you did a few days ago). At the end of the week, you’ll see your friends and hear them talk about their issues. Or you may have children and are distracted with them and they are alone. Your diagnosis: you are preoccupied with everything in this world except love.

What can you do?

Steve McClatchy, author of many psychological books, encourages us to leave all problems and all responsibilities to ourselves. Misplaced priorities do not allow us to be happy and move on. First and foremost, love yourself: get home on time, let your mom take care of your kids, and postpone meetings with your friends until it’s time for you (but not her!) To talk about your new love life.

#2 You don’t let go of your old relationship.

So you finally found time to date. You spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying on different outfits and imagining their looks, smiles, and funny jokes. But before you go out you just want to cry.. Because when you think of love, a picture of your ex-boyfriend comes to mind. She is beautiful, brave, perfect, and best of all, very caring and beautiful. The distinguished psychiatrist Sigmund Freud wrote about the importance of letting go of old relationships. But why argue with experts? Your diagnosis: your previous relationships are occupying your heart.

What can you do?

Answer one question: why are you still suffering? Your relationship is over, the time machine hasn’t been created yet, and you can’t change anything. The past is not perfect, it is the only one in your mind. Psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg thinks that unexpected emotions and dreams have a major impact on our new relationships. Allow yourself to move forward. It’s time to be happy!

#3 You spend too much time at home.

Tiredness, bad weather and a depressing winter season are the reasons to spend all day indoors. In addition, there are new movies to watch and books to read. By the way, entertainment is also good entertainment. So you stay at home. You always find excuses, even on weekends and holidays. So you always feel sad when no one hugs you. Your diagnosis: you have become a homebody.

#4 What can you do?

Of course, the time we spend alone is quiet, covered in blankets, with the heroes of our favorite stories. But let’s be honest: if you limit yourself to the 4 walls around you, it’s likely that only with your refrigerator will there be a date. There is a wonderful world beyond your home, make an effort to get to know it.

#5 You don’t care how you look

You there! You can do it. In the cafe, a waiter watches over your friends and takes your order with a serious face. A handsome man wants to know the name of the girl in a bright red dress. A lady making a beautiful perfume attracts the attention of many people around her. And you hide your head, with a ponytail, in an old, tired hoodie. Your diagnosis: you’ve stopped caring about how you see other people.

What can you do?

My mother always said that people would love your spirit and intelligence. And that’s right! But there are exciting times that happen before love. Leil Lowndes, a relationship psychologist, believes that first impressions are the basis of future relationships. Of course, ingenuity is important, but don’t forget to look good, and be a kind and open person in public. Guys don’t care if skinny jeans aren’t fashionable now, if they suit you (as well as your cute smile)!

#6 Your parents’ opinions are important to you.

That precious moment has finally come: you start loving each other. Mom asked about his hobbies and Dad was interested in his work. Together they concluded that he was not worthy of you. And you can’t choose your feelings and emotions and negative thoughts. Don’t be upset! Doctors Tim Fawcett and Piet van den Berg from the University of Bristol have done scientific research and published an article stating that parents often don’t like their children’s choices and this is a completely normal thing. Your diagnosis: your parents ’opinions are more important to you than yours.

What can you do?

Of course, parental authority is an important part of parenting. Mom didn’t like one of his looks, Dad didn’t like one thing either. But your parents have already found their love and have a family. It is your turn to choose. Allow yourself to follow your own feelings and opinions.

#6 You are against trying new things.

Cute, handsome and independent. You meet your friends in the same cafe and just pick “flick chicks” when you go to the movies. You can be sure that there are a lot of smart men in the theater, and no one is creative among the athletes. Your outlook and narrow habits don’t allow you to move forward. You are afraid to try new things.

What can you do?

You have to get away from the system you set up for yourself. The world is huge and diverse. And real love awaits you beyond this traditional space and entertainment structure! And how do you deal with divorce? Do you have your own suggestions? Share these ideas with us, and let’s rejoice forever!


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