Dog Falls In Love With The Local Delivery Men, Her Owner Starts Capturing Their Daily Routine On Camera


This seven-year-old goofball is proof that dogs are indeed the person’s best friend, or, in this case, the postman’s best friend. A series of videos shows Pippin, a golden retriever, eagerly awaiting the arrival of local postmen, and then receiving long-awaited pats from his beloved people. Its owners say that Pippin has always been a friendly dog, but over the years she has developed a special affection and love for local postmen who seem to love the golden retriever as well.


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Seven-year-old golden retriever Pippin from South Carolina loves local postmen

Pippin has always been very friendly with everyone, especially with our postmen,” says Pippin owner Kayla. “She loves our postmen, our FedEx guys, our UPS guys, and, you guessed it, even the ice cream truck guy.And sometimes treats or rides around


In fact, Pippin is so good that she even forced a man who was afraid of dogs to become her friend. “Our FedEx guy was afraid of dogs and didn’t come to our door with the bag for a long time, but we did some sensitization training with him and during the year he became best friends with Pippin,” Kayla told the media.

She even made friends with a postman who was afraid of dogs

Local postmen and delivery workers have made friends with Pippin, and now every time they come to her house, they pet her, go to the surroundings or treat her.

And gets to steal the postman sandwiches

“UPS leaves Pippin with a bone on the porch, even if no one is home.” They always let her get in the truck. Once she rushed to the back of the truck and stole a sub-sandwich from our UPS employee, and he was so happy about it, ”said the owner of Pippin.

Pippin hates when her beloved people leave

They know they expect to see Pippin run out to them every day, and they take her so kindly,” said Keila Cutter. “The hardest part is getting her to leave her mail truck. She hates it when they leave.

She hates t0 see them.


A seven-year-old golden goofball shares his home with Frankenstein, a charming fluffy guinea pig. Apparently, the fluffy duet gets along well and loves to play together.

Fortunately, she always has a friend – a fluffy guinea pig named Frankenstein

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