Heroic Husky Finds A Box Full Of Near-Dying Kittens In The Woods And Becomes Their New Mom


The brave Husky, who was proclaimed a hero after saving seven newborn kittens, remained to d!e in a cardboard box in the forest, and then took on the role of their mother.Banner, a Siberian husky who helps his mom, Whitney Braille, as a medical and psychiatric service dog. Starting with the puppy, she was with Whitney and trained to be on guard during PTSD episodes and anxiety attacks. Whitney suffers from anxiety attacks caused by her post-traumatic stress disorder, and Banner helps her calm down and takes her out of crowded places.


However, Banner’s superpowers for service dogs are not only her special abilities. In the afternoon she is an ordinary service dog, but when she is not on duty, she helps animals in distress. And this is exactly what happened when she made touching efforts to save the newborn kittens from death in a sealed cardboard box in the forest near their house.


Whitney Braille knew that something was wrong when the 3-year-old Banner suddenly became very upset and continued to pull on the dress in a “state of panic.She allowed her purposeful dog to lead her into a nearby forest – only to discover that the Banner was circling around an abandoned cardboard box “out of nowhere.

Whitney said her dog ducked right after she opened the box and pulled out a tiny white kitten and her mother was shocked to find six more “barely alive” kittens lying inside the box.

Bringing the newborn kittens back to her house in Menlo, Georgia, USA, Whitney said that Banner refused to leave their side. The dog also insisted on cleaning up, hugging and napping with the seven kittens, as if she were their mother.

Someone must have just put them in a cardboard box, closed the lid tightly and left them there to d!e


It was clear that the one who left the kittens there did not want to be found. Banner’s super instincts saved the kittens. At first, Whitney thought that they were dead, because she did not see any movements or sounds – but then she noticed that they were starting to sway.

I feel sick that anyone can do this with these tiny, innocent animals. It’s so cruel and heartless


From that day on,Banner does not leave the kittens and accepts them as if they were her own.

“She is very maternal,” said Whitney

“Fortunately, all kittens have found suitable homes that will love them forever.”

I am so happy that now because of Banner these kittens will live their lives in loving families




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