“We Don’t Deserve Dogs”: Missing Autistic Toddler Found In The Care Of His Family’s Dogs


One family from Ponce de Leon, Florida, has just experienced something that could damage your heart for life. On Wednesday morning, their three-year-old boy, Marshal, went missing.Not only did the baby disappear with only a diaper on, the marshal was also autistic and couldn’t say that his family was even more worried about their chances of reuniting with the boy. The only thing that reassured them was that he disappeared with Nala and Buckwheat, two faithful family dogs.

Wednesday morning a three-year-old boy went missing in Ponce De Leon, Florida

Little Marshal is autistic and cannot say what could make the search even more difficult

But he was found later that day, thanks to his faithful dogs.

And the neighbors who quickly parted and searched the area, and the sheriff’s department, who posted the case information on Facebook, tried to find the baby. “Our expectations of this magnitude are always to find as many agency staff as possible to assist with the search,” said Boris Dobridniya, a public information officer at Walton County Sheriff’s office, in an interview with Bored Panda. Minutes are precious when it comes to finding a baby.

Neighbor Carol Shelton saw the boy later that day, about a mile from his house. And I would not even call it a miracle, rather, the result that the very earthly guardian angels of the marshal provided. Throughout all this, Nala and Buckwheat were next to the baby. [His] dogs were next to him,” recalled a neighbor. [We] are grateful that the puppies partly led him, I think they kept him safe.

Dobridnia said that everyone in the sheriff’s office was grateful to a friend who could find the child, adding that one of their captains was able to return the child to his mother.

Marshal was in a good mood when they found him. It’s a little dirty from a walk through the forest, but safe and sound, added Dobridnia. Dogs are faithful creatures. I feel that they probably knew to stay with him when they saw that he was alone. Their instincts turned on. They stayed with the boy and looked after him until he was found.The Marshal’s family was very happy to see their precious little boy safe at home. They were also very proud of their dogs. “They do their job,” said the boy’s mother.

Facebook was really to find out about a happy ending


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