If Your Favorite Childhood Characters Were Turned Into Monsters (16 Pics)


Do you remember your favorite cartoon character from your childhood? Whether it’s a talking yellow sponge or a teddy bear with a sweet tooth, we’re sure your favorite baby characters were pretty cuddly and cute. But what if we told you that there are scary and twisted versions of the traditionally adorable cartoon characters? Well, it doesn’t matter if they exist only in the mind of one artist, does it?


Dennis Karlsson is a Swedish artist who creates art both professionally and leisurely. Dennis is a tattoo artist and his tattoos are real works of art. However, this time we will introduce you to his hobby.In his spare time, Dennis Karlsson enjoys creating digital illustrations – from classic cartoons to fan art, comic book characters and movies, adding a slight nightmare to traditional cute and cuddly characters.

If you want to have nightmares, visit the page!

Profile info instaGram.youtube

#1 Pooh

#2 Pikachu


#3 Stitch

#4 Mickey,, Looks like he’s ready to kill his fans

#5 Minion

#6 Eeyore Eeyore? Looks more like Ee Sore ! ? Damn nice work!


#7 Spongebob

#8 Piglet,,I’m but piglet wasn’t careful about his guts


#9 Puddy Tat

#10 Shrek

#11 Tigger,,,His tail looks like those things from that old ass movie slither… not eveyone will know what im talking about sadly

#12 Patrick


#13 Courage The Cowardly Dog,,,Oooohhh! This brings back so many memories! I used to love courage! Such awesome work, really!!!

#14 Totoro

#15 Mike Wazowski


#16 Angry Birds,, That is actually so disturbing… love it..

#17 This is Donald

#18 Here’s baby Yoda for you guys! Even when he’s a scary monster, he’s still a cutie pie


#19 Hello Kitty,How long do these take you? They look so realistic!!



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