In the global arena, every country has its image, but how would they look as people?(14 Countries pics)


On the world stage, each country has its own image, but how will they look like people? This was a question that Russian artist Anastasia Bulgakova had been thinking about for a year before starting her last cool drawing. “I paint personifications from different countries,” she wrote. “They will all be warlike and warlike, with dirt and blood. Not because of political convictions, but simply because what I always draw and the idea of ​​warrior countries gives a lot of creative freedom for my personalized examples.


Each character will have their assigned stereotypes, which I’m going to use in one way or another.” From an American who is a little naive and idealistic, to a quiet Japanese with a suspicious smile, you will easily recognize these personified “people” if you meet them on the street. Scroll down to check out some interesting character covers that any game developer might be interested in, and let us know which one you like the most.

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#1 USA

A bit naive and idealistic, but rather vicious inside. Very attractive and charismatic, easily turns others to his side. Pursues her goals without regard for morality or consequences. Its main goal is to survive and do it with maximum comfort. She wears leather armor, as she prefers very distant fights with two sniper rifles. Cybernetic arms and legs give her incredible speed in combat. She’s a killer. And she loves fire. Especially the smell in the morning. It smells like victory.

#2 Canada


Canada is a simple guy with puppy eyes. He is kind and not contradictory. He prefers to be at home and not look for any problems in other people’s battles. He only fights in sports hockey. He finds it honest and fun. Because of his success in hockey, he is called the “King of Ice”. Sometimes a crown appears over his head, and he often dreams of future victories. He wants to believe that the USA is his best friend and they are equal. The US does not see it as a threat and allow itself a cautious friendship. Of course with benefits. He usually fights Russia in hockey and the US is also his opponent on the ice. But he is still friends with everyone. Until he hears a British call. Canada usually wears a tracksuit. His weapons are a metal stick and skates. Good guy.

#3 Japan

This time it’s Japan, of course, and he’s a man. I took some leeway in my decision as there weren’t too many comments. So be a little more active next time to get what you want; ) Japan is a silent guy with a suspicious smile. He loves technology and distortion. Has some strange relationships with other countries, especially neighbors. Ah, this sweet-sweet China No one really knows his real motives and desires (or how many “true” super forms he has) and he never answers. But one thing is certain – even if he kills you, he will be extremely polite with this. Despite the fact that he loves technology, he has a real body, and high-tech armor is just an increase in his abilities and skills. He can be classified as a melee fighter, but prefers speed and agility to heavy armor. He uses a spear and tail (or tentacle?) To keep his opponents at some distance (but actually, I’m just tired of seeing katanas everywhere). For large distances, he uses exploding spheres.

#4 France

Alternative reality France. Here the monarchy won and the revolution failed. Now it is an ancient country, it is more than 1500 years old. Aristocrat and vampire. Blood and wine is his style and art, of course. The reign of the monarch is supreme, and the nobility of the vampires is stronger than ever. He abs0lutely hates rev0lutions, uprisings, equality and “pe0ple’s rule”. Believes that dem0cracy is just a big lie that other countries use to deceive their citizens and make them more obedient. He prefers the old-fashioned way, and under his rule there will be no “freedom and equality” until people are old enough to deserve it. First, they need to understand how low they fell and how destructive it would be to give them any power in their current state. And when this happens, we will see … This is his great compassion, as an old and wise ruler.

#5 Mexico

“Coatlicue” – the mother serpent, beginning and end, goddess from Aztec mythology. Living in Russia, I know very little about Mexico, except for a few stereotypes. So my Mexico – drug lord – is dangerous, beautiful and vicious. Slender and tall, she likes to wear classic men’s clothing, like any real high-ranking crime lord. The upper body is covered with Aztec and Mayan tattoos. She likes to be elegant, and she does not like to get her hands and clothes dirty with dirty work – this requires subordinates, but if she needs to, it will be bloody, spectacular and painful. And for this you need an axis. She is also an expert on poison – both for healing and for killing. The snake is real and poisonous. It has territorial disputes with the United States, but must recognize its power. We can say that they cooperate (in building walls, etc.), but they will probably kill each other at the first opportunity.

#6 Israel


Israel is a girl soldier in her current incarnation. In fact, it is quite ancient, but due to the fact that it is always small, it was trampled, expelled or destroyed in order to be reborn a few generations later. As she always tries to remember all of her bullies, most of whom no longer exist, she ends up becoming salty and angry at the world. However, she is naturally quite positive. Building, research and food are her favorite. Of course, there is always a question about her neighbors, who are actually her many cousins. The family is a battlefield, and Israel is forced to defend what little she has. She is sensitive and impulsive when it comes to her relationships with other countries. The European family loves to troll her in almost everything and she always responds like the little girl she is. She wants to be accepted in the West, although she lives in the East. Attempts follow all the rules, but always end in frustration, as she usually gives herself away in the process. In the end, she is young, she will learn. Despite all this, she has very strange relations with some countries. Her best friend is the USA, but they can actually be called siblings, or maybe one of them is a clone? In truth, it is still unclear who is the real Israel, who rules, and who, in turn, the rest of the world. There is a love-hate relationship with Germany. No matter how many times Germany cries, Israel always comes back. There are also friends in the Far East. South Korea has decided that she and Israel are best friends, since they are small and bully strange brothers and sisters. Israel even trusts Korea with its blood-printing shekels. including Russia. Recently, Israel has found vocal support in Micronesia – it is always good to have friends among nowhere. Israel owns a large pulse rifle and commands an army of drones, drones and drones. Since she is too small to win directly, she uses her brain to outwit her opponents and always have a technical advantage. If possible, she will fight from afar with her robotic army and prefers defensive combat. When that’s not enough, a large rifle is probably good for something. She also has a hedgehog scout flying on a drone. He is invisible on earth and simply strange in the sky … He loves Israel very much 🙂

#7 iran

My first character from ancient civilizations. I didn’t know which country I should get attached to my character. After reading several articles, I decided that it would be Iran. Because this place has long been the largest cultural center of the Middle East. You may not agree, but this is my decision. Iran is a magician (the first magician in my series). He is gloomy and not talkative, because conversations are cheap, unlike gold and power. This hero is on the “gray side”. Dressed in Arabic style clothing with elements of gold armor. Uses a golden mask to hide his face and intimidate his opponents. He has a magic lamp with a genie who will fulfill the wishes of the magician. He has no other choice. In battles, he mainly uses magic and diplomatic pressure. The curved saber is mainly used for executions, as the ginny does most of the dirty work. He is definitely the lord of the sands. Many disagreed, 0f c0urse, but go0d luck finding their remains in the desert. The genie is composed of a blue flame that resembles a liquid. He is sentient and wears pieces of ancient armor that are mostly broken by now. Usually he appears from a lamp to protect his master, and speaks a strange language. This is a typical duet of magicians and summoners.

#8 England


I have been asked not to make England too stereotyped with tea, royalty and Downton Abbey. Well, that’s all … My England is fresh, young and wild punk culture and rock music. I also really like Joseph Gilgun, and he was originally going to become my England, as you can see in the early drafts (link below), but the design did not work. England is hot, proud, jealous and impulsive. He remembers how great he was and what glorious victories he had, but that doesn’t make him blind or stupid. You won’t survive that long, or reach that far, only with blind fury. Therefore, he is prudent and prudent when it suits him, but when deep feelings are involved in him, a furious beast will tarnish the story with new bloodshed, as happened with his sister’s rebellion. England is the older brother of the United States, although his feelings are not just brotherly. They come from a great European family that descended from the late Roman Empire. The United States was sent to the New World to defeat and spread the glory of his brother. Little by little, she became big and experienced, and she began to have free thinking.  The United States was badly beaten, lost limbs, but still not broken. Thanks to this damned French vampire, England had to retreat empty-handed. But the USA will be it again, one day … Oh yes, France, a smelly, perverted, blood-sucking peacock. Although France itself does not impress such accusations, since he does not dye his hair red and does not chase his own sister in torn clothes for innumerable reasons. However, the English beast can bite, and these are not the stylish vampire bites that France enjoys, the old vampire knows it all too well. Loves dags, good dags. Has a smoking bulldog named Churchill. A true friend, faithful. Not like those colonial brothers and sisters. Even though this is England and not the UK, I chose the Union Jack colors as they are more recognizable. The hairstyle is wild and red since he is punk. I have several versions with different heads, which you can see on the link below. England prefers close combat with fists, so he uses brass fists. His hands can radiate hot and cold energy, but they never mix (two-tap joke).

#9 Russia

Cute, cold, straightforward and with diplomatic sewerage skills. However, if you know her a little, she will show you how warm and loving she is. She wears glamorous armor. Is always. Since she is at war. Is always. Now I’m fighting, she likes it up close and personal. Especially in spite of everything, especially in winter, and especially if it is heroic. She might shoot a little, but where’s the fun in that? However, he usually clears the riffraff, which is not worthy of the cold, wintry personal embrace. The sword is engraved with the word “fucked up”, which largely symbolizes Russian life in any era and era. Of course, there is a bear with an AK-47, but he is guarding the nuclear reactor at home. And vodka. Probably a bad idea though.

#10 Germany

He is still a Teutonic knight, and in that he is big (if you can, of course, see a knight in this concept). And hi-tech. Extremely. Germany is considered clean, orderly and modern, which is why he wears a fur suit. Something like an Ironman suit, but with more German engineering precision. And more stylish. Unlike in earlier times, he now mainly fights in long-range battles to keep his costume clean. It has unconcealed fenders and thrusters on its back, like any regular mech.

#11 Italy/Spain

I wanted t0 draw tw0 c0untries, tw0 characters t0gether. Because I think they are very similar and have something in common in their culture and style.
Italy. I visited Italy (in the beginning I had other than beautiful ideas about character), and I have never been to Spain. But over time, I decided to change Italy and take the Renaissance stereotype of wealth,
abundance, etc. Italy is one of the progenitors of Western culture, and that is how I want to see and remember the country that I studied so much about in childhood. So here’s an Italian merchant. Rich, arrogant, beautiful, knowing the value of money and himself. He fought a lot in the past, but now he has given up the bloody trade and prefers business. He is interested in selling and buying very expensive and exclusive products. He has connections in the criminal world, and he is very cruel with his competitors.
Spain. In fact, I don’t know much about Spain, just some general information from world history. But I associate this with a warlike country in its best years. With wealth, conquest and strength. Spain is still a warrior and is waiting for adventure, but my Spain is kinder than Italy (laughs). They are both friends: ecafllort:
For Italy, I took the Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio and for Spain the Spanish actor Jordi Molla (I’m still not very good at portraits …). Handsome guys!

As a result, we have two “golden” characters. I do not aim to flatter or offend anyone, yes, I know that in the real world these countries are different. I took those parts that are interesting to me now, and not because someone asked me not to draw stereotypical things (for example, pasta). If I want to draw something in an unflattering way, I will do it.

#12 Poland


Many people asked about Poland, and this is the country that stands behind the passion for the Countries, as I recall (it was called “Poland and Friends” here in Russia).
Small Slavic country in Eastern Europe. A relative 0f Russia, Czech Ukraine Republic, and 0ther Slavs.
He is a noble winged hussar on a horse literally tormented by war. The poor thing was kicked, cut, blown up, torn to pieces, devoured and destroyed. He returned even more evil and cybernetically supplemented by the lights of hell, starting with “Poland is not lost” (by the way, this is the English name for the anthem).As for the rider himself, although he is good with his weapons, he is not that big and strong, at least not anymore. At one time, however, he and his Lithuanian bro could have kicked anyone into the kingdom, and that’s exactly what they did, angering a lot of wrong countries / people along the way who ended up getting revenge. Again and again. Painfully. His mighty horse was torn to shreds, his lands were occupied, his wealth was gone.From there, things went downhill as usual when you were torn apart without much strength to do anything. Russia, Austria and Germany became the new masters. Poland has revolted several times but has always failed. France tried to help, but traditionally failed. The US tried to help and actually scored! Gaining independence was inspiring enough to even throw Russia away with its new crazy ideas of the Reds.But soon after that Germany again flew into a rage, and cowardly France with treacherous England pretended not to see it. Red Russia came into a flood, and everyone pretended not to see it anymore. However, oddly enough, Red Russia withered, leaving Poland battered, irritated, drunk and, finally, free.

#13 China

Ancient China with a pet lion.It took a long time to start a new country.My first idea was about modern China, but then I changed it. The history of China is so complex that I do not want to give a description.Thanks for your attention.

#14 Brazil



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