Italian Illustrator Shows The True Colors Of Cats That Prove How Adorable They Can Be (21 Pics)


When it comes to choosing between dogs and cats, there are usually two types of people. Those who adore the friendly, loving, loyal, and sometimes overly excited nature of dogs, and those who love the playful, active, but independent feline company. We can’t deny the fact that they both have some surprisingly unique traits that make us love them, but at the same time, there are some things we could easily live without. But that’s okay, right? However, this time, let’s talk more about cute but independent felines!


While some of us adore feline companionship, we’ve probably heard phrases like “cats are self-interested, cats don’t cling to or care for their owners, cats are cunning” and so on. But we know that all of this is not true. They are by no means like that, but very loving and very friendly pets! But don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you that cats are better than dogs, as the answer to the question of which is better is still unknown.

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#1 tell me where you go lucky cat! I have been locked in the house all day by two months and you are hanging out all day in the park!

#2 Taking a walk and hearing the leaves crunching under your feet, so satisfying!


#3 Do you know that feeling of being almost there?  to have almost succeeded, to have almost grasped it.For now, I keep playing and see how far I go

#4 The cat’s face

#5 Always be ready for surprises!

#6 Fluffy fur balls!


#7 Scented rain!

#8 Good things must always be shared


#9  let the adventure begin! only the bravest will do it!

#10 Fluffy surprise!”

#11 Play together at two different games!

#12 What?! All this fuss because I fell asleep in the drawer!”


#13  taut I taw a Putty Tat!”

#14 Purring is my music background and the rest of the world is out

#15 Usually it attacks with teeth and claws while the hind legs kick trying to make the toy move… sometimes it’s my arm’s turn!


#16  Love this so much!

#17 Nostalgia: spongy and soft headphones, tangled tape in the walkman, pencils that try to put it back in place and lots of music with a lot of background noise

#18 Safe driving: The exact moment when my daughter opened the cat carrier in the car


#19 My cat mania never ends, they are too funny to watch and too fun to draw! If you want to know one of my two cats please swipe the picture: this is Luna

#20 Unusual ways to say “I love you”!


#21 Yesterday I saw two sparrows peck from the window while the cat looked at them hypnotized. This is the image that was born in my head




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