Kittens show who’s boss in the house


Some research shows that cats see their owners as giant cats and behave like their children. But we who have cats at home have to agree that sometimes it seems that they completely dominate us.


And these fun situations were recorded to prove, once and for all, who is in charge of the house:

If your cat is jealous, she may not let you buy flowers for anyone else

If your kitten likes to eat everything, not even the “cone of shame” can hold it


They challenge our authorities, but they also refuse to follow the laws of physics

If there is a place that your cat likes, forget it. He will never be yours again.

And if there is any object that your kitten does not like, he will also fix it without the slightest regret

At the time of fominha they will go up anywhere in the hope of a snack


And then take out THAT SONEQUINHA where you least expect it – they don’t care

Privacy? Never


Rules? They don’t care

Not even when you try to regulate their food

But they can perfectly control their

And they can also prevent you from packing something


Or even work

But what matters is that you guys love each other- even though he doesn’t like photos either




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