Meet Herman, The Flightless Pigeon And His Best Friend Lundy, The Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk


Animals constantly surprise us with so many amazing things, among the whole spectrum of other surprises. But one thing, which is perhaps the most fascinating, is the unlikely ties that they are able to form, as we have already proved many times. But this friendship, born of a pigeon and a chihuahua, is special because they both lack something fundamental in their life – one is flightless and the other really cannot walk. Therefore, they seem to have found solace in each other’s company, and this is simply amazing!


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Lundy, a two-month-old Chihuahua who has walking problems due to damage to his spinal cord, was received by the Mia Foundation in New York last month.

It seems that a dog and a bird should be a very unlikely combination for friendship, but this story shows that there are no boundaries for it. Lundy, a two-month-old Chihuahua, was adopted by the Mia Foundation in New York after his breeder noticed that he was trying to walk. Sue Rogers, the founder and owner of the foundation, says this is not an unusual case for her. She constantly accepts wounded animals and animals with birth defects. 0ur main g0al is t0 take animals b0rn with birth defects. But people also sometimes bring us injured birds and squirrels.  This explains how Herman came to the center.


He was greeted very warmly by Herman, a flightless pigeon who has long been in the fund.

Being a good long-time resident of the foundation, which he is, Herman made sure that little Landi also felt welcome there. Sue Rogers said she explained that they first met when she put Herman on a dog bed and began to care for Lundy, and I decided to carefully lay Lundy in the same d0g bed next t0 him. They immediately started talking very nice. ” From that point forward, they have been indistinguishable and appreciate investing energy in their preferred fleecy covers.

Sue Rogers, the founder of the center, said that she put them on one dog bed, caring for Lundy, and they immediately started to talk very nice

It seems that Lundy will have to briefly skip all the usual activities with puppies and stick to his favorite hobby – to walk with Herman for a while. Lundy weighs just one pound now, so we have to wait for the chair.Praise God for Herman, who holds his company until he can recover some of his mobility! In addition, Sue began to wonder if Herman could actually be a dove, as he seems to have a natural maternal instinct. Despite the fact that the truth is in fact, this friendship is really the goal!


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