Woman Sets Up A Feeder Cam In Her Yard And The Photos Are Extraordinary (30 New Pics)


Wild birds can be difficult to approach, but capturing them on camera is even more difficult, as they often fly away the second they feel you. For Lisa, better known as Ostdrossel, catching wild birds has become a full-time hobby, as she even has an inventive setting that allows her to photograph them from close range without scaring them away. Her home-made feeding chamber allows you to remotely shoot incredible photos of various species of animals that enjoy delicious bird food.


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Her phot0graphic j0urney began in 2012, when she m0ved fr0m Germany to Michigan f0r love. She was surprised at the diversity of wildlife in her new backyard, so she began to feed and photograph them. Lisa wanted to share these photos with her family in Germany, as many of the views were different from what she saw in urban life.When I moved to the USA from my native country, Germany, I noticed that the birds here are more colorful and different than in Germany. I wanted to share them with my family and started taking pictures,



First, Lisa started with a pocket camera, then with a digital SLR camera, and also experimented with some other ways of photographing these wild species near. However, a little time passed before she realized that in order to capture their natural habitat, she would have to create her own home-made feed chamber. I like to see the beauty of the anatomy of birds, delicate patterns, feathers, colors and, of course, their antics. How they pose, etc. The creative process basically consists of choosing the best photo from the thousands that my system takes every day, and then editing it a little. A reward is an opportunity to share this with the world and see how others also enjoy it, learn something or become more charmed by nature.





She did not even understand when it became her constant hobby. Every night, she looked at photos and videos from her camera, and the results hit her. Lisa saw the unique and funny expressions and behavior of animals living around her house: things that many people do not see or do not notice in their daily lives. There were even some exotic birds that she had never seen before, like exotic hummingbirds. The most exotic birds most often appear during spring migration. I had a summer sheepskin coat and pine warbler. Every day is a new chance to get something special in the yard, whether it be a stage or an animal. I don’t hunt for exotic, I try to find beauty every day. It did n0t take l0ng bef0re these birds began t0 raise their cubs, and its feeder became the central part of the growing chicks. The birds are returning, I can recognize them by labeling. For example, there is a gracle that we called Count Dracula, who has white dots on his neck and looks particularly grumpy.





I use two settings. One of them is a homemade installation with an action camera in a weatherproof box, with which I mainly take close-up photos. Another is a camera from Birdsy. It works with AI and records video when the AI ​​identifies a bird or animal in the frame. The videos are stored in my Birdsy account, from where I can upload and edit them, view or share them. Birdsy is still in testing, but will be launched very soon. More information on their website. I have been using this camera for about a year and really love it. The most interesting thing is that it captures scenes that you would not normally see, such as quarrels in a birdhouse or birds feeding their children, explains Lisa.































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