Meet the Cutest Pirate Cat Ever!


Meet Spaghettio, a happy and curious cat that could possibly be the cutest pirate cat in history! One day, Spaghettio’s curiosity overcame her when she had an accident with a dining chair. her human Megan explains:

She tried to sit on the back of the dining chair and pulled it over herself. It was really just a “perfect storm,” but she was seriously injured. Initially, she was paralyzed and could not eat, move or walk on her own. Her recovery was a slow process. It took her weeks to move, then get up, then go and run.

But even this terrible accident did not weaken her spirit and, according to Megan: Spaghettio continues to remain a confident, curious, adventurous cat until she grows up. Look at these wonderful photos and you’ll understand why she has more than 48,000 people following her on Instagram.

Even when she was little, she was always happy and curi0us …

And as cute as can be !

She never allowed her chance to interfere with enjoying life to the fullest.

And as she grows older, she continues with confidence, curiosity and enterprise

Little fur slug.

Stylish box sitting.

Megan says: “Spaghetti0 loves chasing bugs and riding in mulch …”

As well as driving in a car and playing with hexagonal errors

She l0ves to eat,” Megan says. “She’s a huge f0odie.

This pirate kitten continues to prove that anything is possible

And if something goes wrong, you need to stay positive and keep living

“Nothing is holding Spaghettio away from what she wants!” Meghan said.

She really inspires us all.


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