Morrisons Store Security Guard Went Viral For Covering A Dog With His Umbrella During Rainy Scottish Weather


Some dogs love to play in the rain. They run around catching raindrops (or, if winter, snowflakes). However, when you see a long-haired breed, like a golden retriever, flooded with rain, you are not entirely sure whether she enjoys it or just waits to get out of there.


Well, this guard at Morrison’s, a UK supermarket chain, had the same question: do dogs really like rain? Just to be safe, not knowing if this particular golden retriever, waiting for its owner in the supermarket, really enjoyed the rain or not, he decided to come and protect him from the rain using his umbrella. Oh, and believe me, the Internet liked it!

Recently, guard Morrisons has become viral for protecting this charming goldie from the rain.

Meet Ethan Dearman, the guard who guards the Morrisons supermarket in Giffnock, Scotland, who walked around the store when he stumbled upon a lone golden retriever in the rain. Without hesitation, he went to a charming dog and covered it with an umbrella so that the dog would not get wet.

It turns out that when the dog was attached to the post, there was no rain, but since Ethan could not move the strange dog when she began to pour cats and dogs, he found the next best thing and used his umbrella.

25-year-old Mel Gracie, a tattoo artist from Glasgow, was in her car when she saw this useful display and decided to take a picture. Soon, she uploaded it to her Twitter with the inscription: “Scream to this guard @ Morrison, who keeps this good boy dry. He said: Well, you never know how dogs relate to rain.

The guard was soon identified as Ethan Dearman, and the Internet showered him with praise and thanks for his useful deed


In the picture, Ethan in all his safety outfits holds a dark green umbrella next to the golden retriever during a typical Scottish rain. Please note that the guard does not protect himself from the rain at all. Yes, I know that the Scots are practically immune to rain, and no one else has an umbrella in the photo, but let’s not detract from the fact that this man prioritized the gold ones.

To everyone’s surprise, the picture became viral. In just a couple of days, the photo received more than 143,000 likes and almost 20,000 retweets. Many found this surprising, saying that the guard is a good person, and some even call him a hero and demand that he be promoted for taking care of the welfare of shop visitors and their companion dogs.

Soon, people online fell in love with this story and found Ethan expressing their gratitude and praising his selfless actions. Not much time passed before the owner of the dog, David Cherry, also learned that his dog began to spread on the Internet, and also thanked Ethan for his kindness.

David Cherry, the owner of the dog, also thanked the guard for his kindness.

Thanks to guard @dearmanethan for putting on an umbrella on Freddy when it started to rain! So kind! He is always so kind to my brother Stuart, my father and our Freddy! Here is Freddy when he was a puppy! said David in his tweet, which also showed a delightful shot by Freddy Goldie when he was a little puppy.

Then David added another tweet explaining a little about the situation: “Our dog, Freddy, got the virus after a good guard raised his umbrella for Freddy when it started to rain in Morrison near my parents’ house. Good community vibes. People are looking at each other. He is always kind to my father and brother, it’s nice to hear nice things. ”

Ethan also tweeted the news, saying that he didn’t think it would go as fast as it was: “I knew I was making people smile, but that’s completely different, laughing.

Turns out the charming puppy’s name is Freddy and the internet fell in love with him just as they praised Ethan

Morrissons retweeted the picture shortly after it became viral. According to LADBible, Morrison also told them that they had issued 9,000 branded umbrellas to keep their customers – and their dogs – safe and dry. They also said that it was nice to see how this was happening at the Giffnock store.

What do you think about this? Should all supermarket guards carry an umbrella for such situations? Let us know in the comments below!

The Internet loved this story, calling the guard a hero – so much so that when the Morrison responded, they started asking Ethan to pick up and acknowledge


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