Nature draws: the most amazing cat colors (30 photos)


Cats make life brighter! And such cats are doubly. Over the coat color of some animals, nature really tried. Just look at these unique representatives of the cat family, who managed to become famous thanks to their incredible color.

#1 This is Sam, he has eyebrows and he is the charm itself

#2 Combo!

#3 Marble beauty

#4 Cat with a Mustache – Hamilton

#4 Two-faced cat Venus

#5 Her follower is Trixie

#6 Secret agent

#7 This cat wears cat ears

#8 Sinnabon Bun

#9 Someone he reminds me of ..

#10 The cat who is always surprised

#11 Batman

#12 Cats with hearts

Cat with double eyes

Find the unit!

Cat with a sword

Cat on the nose

The arrow points to the most important

The cat who is always wearing a hat

Cat full of love


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