This account proves that traveling with a dog can be unforgettable


Only a few days remained before the summer, and the long-awaited vacation season was just around the corner. Let this year many plans have been violated due to closed borders, no one has canceled domestic tourism. And if you take tents with you, make a fire, listen to the sounds of the guitar, drinking fragrant herbal tea … Such impressions will definitely not be forgotten! Well, if you suddenly think about how to fit a tailed pet into such plans, we will be happy to tell you about this using the Camping With Dogs Instagram account



The Camping With Dogs page contains images from around the world that inspire you to immediately pick up your pet, pack your backpack and go hiking in the nearest mountains. Here you can find dogs of any size, age, breed and even animals with disabilities. Nothing prevents them from traveling!





Usually these are trips by car, hiking with tents, climbing mountains. As it turned out, dogs feel happy in any conditions, if a loving owner is next to them.







The only thing your pet needs on a trip is food and, possibly, a warm suit if the dog is short-haired and you plan to move early in the morning or late in the evening. The rest of the pets sleep well in tents, drive cars, overcome great distances on foot and happily sit next to their owners near warm bonfires.







For people, travel is always a new experience and adventure. So what is worse than our smaller brothers? They deserve no less vivid emotions, especially if they can be shared with the owners.











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