funny Pets that are meeting this summer fully armed (21 photos)


Somehow quite unexpectedly the long-awaited summer came. Ahead of us are three months of warmth, beautiful sunsets and ice cream, cool rivers, campfire gatherings and just some special feeling of life. We understand that due to the situation in the world, you can meet this wonderful time of the year without due enthusiasm, but we are always ready to help you with the support of our permanent inspirers: our smaller brothers!

#1 I’m ready! When will your borders open there ?!

#2 When the whole family went to the cottage ..

#3 The wisest way to cool.

#4 When summer comes, there is nothing more fun than swimming in a dirty river!

#5 And if you have the same thick coat as this hero, in the summer only ice will save.

#6 And where without ice cream?

#7 And here the hot beach photos have begun.

#8 River, boat and evening … beauty!

#9 Charming summer landscape.

#10 And no sun is scary.

#11 On the waves ๐Ÿ™‚

#12 The smell of blooming flowers and fresh grass … Even the cat will not stand!

#13 Surely itโ€™s nice to enjoy the coolness of the river while canoeing.

#13 Finally, you can enjoy the silence and beauty of nature.

#14 Good to have a house with a pool.

#15 When the summer heat comes, you must have your own shady cool place.

#16 Sun and air. What else is needed for happiness?

#17 The coolest doggie in the area.

#18 Admit it, too, miss the watermelon?

#20 We believe that someday we will definitely meet the sea again, like this doggie.


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