The couple was not going to take the kitten from the street, but their cat left no choice (10 photos)


Having picked up a homeless skinny cat under a car on the street, a young couple decided to take care of her and find the owners. Then they did not suspect that their domestic cat would radically change their plans soon.


A resident of Romania named Sorin with a girl moved to a new house with her favorite pets a cat and a dog. Only a few days after the move, the couple began to hear a strange meow outside the window.


The guys followed where the sounds came from and saw a little kitten under their car. The frightened baby trembled with fear, and didn’t let anyone close to her. If they tried to approach her, she immediately ran away. But the guys did not give up – after several hours of waiting, they finally managed to lure the kitten. They decided to take care of the crumbs and find owners for her.

The skinny, exhausted cat really wanted to eat, and therefore immediately attacked the treat. But right after the meal, the guest hid behind the refrigerator: She stayed there for three days, afraid of every sound and movement in the house. She went out only at night to eat or drink water when no one was around, says Sorin.

Then the domestic cat of the guys named Abyzou helped the baby – she made it clear that these people can be trusted, and the baby became bolder. A little later, two cats became real best friends – they were so close that they did not leave each other.

Seeing how Abizu and the baby were attached to each other, the hearts of the owners melted. The guys decided that they could not part with the rescued cat, although initially they planned to find owners for it. So the baby, nicknamed Shax (Shax), remained in their family.


The adult Abizu, as an older sister, taught baby Shaks all the important feline matters, and also made friends with a dog named Dante. A complete idyll reigns between the three – they don’t have souls in each other!

Now Abizu and the grown-up Shaks do everything together – they play, eat, sleep, explore and rush around the house. Abizu, meanwhile, continues to monitor and take care of her younger sister.


The guys themselves can not imagine their life without these three. Once they also saved Abiza, who was still lost as a kitten at a construction site. The good-natured Dante then took her under his wing, and she quickly recovered.

Now these three are sleeping together in the same bed, and our life could not be better! All thanks to these pussies, says the owner.
Look at what beauty Shax grew into:



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