Puppy urgently needed love and motherly care


In one of Perm industrial zones a stray dog wheezed. 10 charming puppies were born, but none of the locals needed such a neighborhood at all. People turned to the Kind Heart shelter, and the volunteers had no choice but to take the mother dog and her kids under their care


In this story, we will talk, perhaps, about the most difficult girl of the whole litter: baby Amber. Her beautiful mother quickly went home, more socialized and open brothers and sisters were heading to apartments, and Amber yearned for everything in the shelter. She really needed a loving person nearby, motherly love and care, but she could only be content with the attention of the shelter staff.


Time passed, Amber grew up and became more and more beautiful. True, in her eyes there was some kind of deep sadness, which disappeared only in rare moments near the two-legged friends of a young dog. She was affectionate and playful, but incredibly shy, tried to walk on a leash, but she did it very hesitantly and fearfully

For Amber needed such owners who would not be afraid of the problems of this dog. She really needed upbringing and a long socialization, but it was clear that next to the right people she would open up and turn into the most faithful and affectionate pet.One day, Olga’s family came to meet Amber.

From that moment they regularly came to the shelter and took the timid dog for a walk, talked to her and got to know each other better. A few months later, people decided to give Amber a house so long-awaited by her.It seems almost impossible, but thanks to its owners, Amber has turned from an inconspicuous and fearful dog into a strong, confident and athletic pet.


She walks a lot, plays on the dog’s playground and is almost not afraid of anything when she is walking next to her beloved people!Amber has a friendly company at home – a cat and three children. With all this lovely lady gets along and feels very comfortable in the company of her neighbors. She has her own warm corner in the apartment, the love of people, a full bowl of food and an adventurous life. And what else is needed for dog happiness!



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