A timid fluffy little ball was hiding behind its brothers and sisters


A new dog family has been admitted to the Islet of Hope shelter: a Kurzhaar breed mother and her six babies. The poor were starving and suffering in the cold, and who knows how their fate could have turned if the volunteers had not arrived in time.



Among the lively kids, one puppy stood out, a girl named Sonya. She was timid, touching, and very sweet; she could hide behind her brothers and sisters, peering indecisively from behind their furry backs.

Sonya inherited a pedigree face and long slender legs from her mother. She did not like noise, was unobtrusive and tried to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Such a timid princess had no place in a crowded shelter, but she had nowhere to go.

Charming Sonya was liked by many: for some it even resembled a dachshund, but there were no candidates for the hosts. Finally, Svetlana saw her photo on the network – according to her, she and her family members instantly fell in love with this beauty.

Sonya went to a new house, where at first she was also a little afraid, but then got used to it. Svetlana calls her pet Princess and admits that she is very loved and spoiled at home. Well, how to resist such a face?


Sony’s story once again proves that even the most modest little dog can open up in the hands of the right people in a new way. We wish Sonya and her masters happiness, and all homeless animals to find their warm corner in this world!



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