Someone Found An Elderly Labrador Tied To A Railing With A Heartbreaking Note


In an ideal world, there would not be a single heartbroken dog soul. But the reality is different. And people were left overwhelmed by this elderly black labrador who was found tied to a metal gate near the Jasmil nurseries in Uppercier near Sittingbourne, Kent.

Sueil City Council Homeless Dog Service employees who found the dog yesterday posted his photos on Facebook asking for help identifying the owner. But what really made everyone angry was a cruel note left next to the animal. The text on the crumpled piece of paper read: “Please accept me, because my owner abandoned me after 10 years, because I did not learn how to be good, so I was returned here where he found me.Fortunately, the Swale Dog Service soon published an update stating that the owner of the old boy was found, and his large family, who “knows and loves the dog,” will take care of the laboratory.

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This old boy was discovered relinquished alongside a savage note clarifying why the proprietor of 10 years settled on such a choice

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The kennels of the Swale Borough Dog Service that found the dog shared this post and later, the update

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