The boy shone with happiness when, after the death of a pet, a cat came to the family home


Losing a pet is always sad, even if it is moving away from old age .. When little Jonathan lost his best friend nicknamed Charlie, the boy could not find a place. But then his mother said good words to him: “When the time comes, Charlie will send us a new pet ..”


A cat named Charlie has lived all his life in a loving family in the United States. When little Jonathan was born, they became best friends with a cat – these two slept, ate, played and even swam together.

“Jonathan was the first young child Charlie met,” says the family’s mother, Valerie. “He took on the serious role of his protector.”

In June, Charlie died – the cat was 15 years old. The whole family was very upset by the loss, and especially Jonathan, who at that time was 6 years old. A few months after losing the pet, the boy began to ask his parents when they would get a new cat.

His mother was not yet ready for a new pet, and then she said to her son good words: “When the time comes to get a new cat, Charlie will definitely send him, right to our doorstep ..”


At the end of November, when the boy’s mother was sitting in the yard, she noticed a red cat near the house, which appeared literally from nowhere. Kitty was friendly, and Valerie talked to him and stroked until he was suddenly frightened off by a car.

Ryzhik fled, but a couple of days later returned to the threshold of the family again. This time Jonathan saw him. The boy was in seventh heaven with happiness – because he knew that this cat came for a reason! He began stroking the cat, and he answered him with “butting” his head and purring.

Since then, a red cat came to the family’s house every day. Valerie suspected that the cat has owners, and she decided to find out in an interesting way. She ordered a collar with the inscription: “I like your cat. Valerie,” and on the other hand: “Call the number if you are his master,” and put the cat on her neck.

After some time, the owner of the cat called Valerie, a lonely 69-year-old woman who lived nearby. She was very glad that the family made friends with her Garfield, and said that she picked him up on the street a year ago. Apparently, Garfield has a special mission – to come to those who need heat most.


The hostess joyfully allowed Jonathan to spend time with the pet, which the boy is incredibly happy. Someday the family will decide to have a new pet after a sad loss, but for now – the good-natured Garfield brings them joy with his visits. He and Jonathan became friends. Who knows, maybe it was Charlie who sent this cat so that the boy could feel that he was not alone.



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