What happens if you bathe a wildly fluffy Chow Chow


A resident of Malaysia under the nickname cherrie.pei is the mistress of a very, very sweet (perhaps even beyond the limit!) Doggie named Puffy. In 2017, this chow-chow had its own account on the Instagram social network, which now has nearly 250 thousand subscribers!

Mistress Puffy says that she opened this account to shoot the process of doggie growth and all the fun things that he does. One of the most noteworthy publications on this page is Puffy’s photo and video after swimming. Just look at how tiny it is and how different it is from the usual!


Puffy is a purebred chow-chow, but in size it is many times inferior to most of its relatives. According to veterinarians, this poses no danger to the dog. It seems to us that the modest dimensions make Puffy only nicer!

“Puffy is very much like a cat in character,” says the hostess. – He is very calm and at the same time stubborn. It is difficult to call him active, he spends most of his time lying down. However, if he is very excited with something, he starts to run funny and fast. The only thing that may interest him is food! For her, he is ready for anything. Usually he doesn’t listen to almost any commands, but if a yummy is nearby, then everything will work out 🙂


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Urghh there’s nothing in the oven ? bye #minichowchow #chowchow #puffiethechow #puppy #fluffy #littlecotton #cloudwithlegs

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