15 stupid and funny photos of cats that do not hesitate to behave as they want (16 photos)


Everyone knows that cats are extremely direct creatures. They can start to lick at the most inopportune moment, climb on your head literally, sleep where they fall and play with whatever you like. And they will not care at all about how they look at the same time and to whom they interfere!

Reception, is anyone there ?!

Found a real sphinx!

Fat Fred is a resident of one of the veterinary clinics. He likes to spend time with children and when they scratch his belly. And yes, he is on a diet, but so far it doesn’t really work. We like you like that, Fred 🙂

“Every time I pick up the moon, she begins a stretching session”

“Met today the laziest seller on the planet”

Well, let me smell these wonderful flowers!

When something obviously went wrong 🙂

“Some cats hunt mice and bring them to their owners. My cat hunts bread judging by her gifts.”

You’ll start from hunger and not!

Includedaaaaaay !!!!

When your cat is ready for the ritual of absorbing the souls of his enemies, but has not yet finished dinner on the cupboard.

When I found the safest place in the house.

“That’s what my boyfriend sends me when I’m at work.”

And here is the proof that cats are liquid

And let the whole world wait…



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