The abandoned shepherd, found in a terrible state, has changed dramatically (4 photos)


Today we want to share the story of the amazing transformation of the German Shepherd. She was on the verge of death, but on time assistance provided saved her.


The dog was discovered by caring people and taken to the Battersea shelter in London. The poor animal was in terrible condition. A veterinary examination showed that the dog has severe exhaustion and many infections. From stress, lack of food, the dog is partially bald.


The dog was named Ralph. This story happened 4 years ago. Employees of the shelter fought around the clock for the life of Ralph, whose body did not respond to treatment. Fortunately, the dog turned out to be a real fighter. He withstood all the manipulations prescribed by the doctors, and eventually gained strength.

A month later, the shepherd went to the Tangam. Here is what the owner, 60-year-old Wendy Tang, said: “Ralph is a wonderful dog. I am so glad that he appeared in our house. Despite past experiences, he did not stop being affectionate, loving and devoted. We were very lucky with him” .

“When he first came to me, he had only bones. He has come a long way in recovery, but now he is feeling fine. At first, he adapted, was afraid to go outside without me. Perhaps he did not want to be alone again in the cold “, the woman shared.




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