The dog pulled the owners towards the lawn a tiny kitten was crawling in the grass


A tiny kitten was crawling in the backyard of the family house, and a 13-year-old dog named Pax immediately drew attention to the little guest. He was very gentle and careful with the lump.


A family from the USA found a tiny kitten in the backyard of their house. The baby cried and looked for her mother, but she was not there. The little dog immediately became interested in the dog of the family – 13-year-old Labrador Pax (Pax).


He carefully and gently treated the cat, and fell in love with it at first sight. On that day, the family took the cat to a safe place – they waited for her cat-mom to come for her, but she never returned.

She saw almost nothing, was covered with fleas and was afraid of everything around, says the owner of Pax, Morgan. Then the baby, nicknamed Polly, was bathed, fed, and put to bed. All this time, caring Pax did not leave her, trying to make sure that everything was fine with the ward.

Since then, Pax took the baby under his wing – when she began to explore the house, he went everywhere after her and did not take his eyes off her. After each feeding, a caring dog washed his baby, and she thanked him with a long hug.

Soon, Polly became attached to her dog nanny – she always wanted to spend more time with him, and did not leave him. Pax was just glad about it! Time passed, Polly grew up – and their friendship with Pax became only stronger.


By that time, the owners decided that they were not able to separate this wonderful couple. So they left Polly in their family forever!

Now these two all also live in perfect harmony. They sleep on the same couch, play and spend all the time together. Pax taught Polly important things, like playing with his toys and running around the house.


When Pax is taken out for a walk, Polly sits at the door and looks out, waiting for him to return. And yet – these two communicate in their own language.” The hostess admits that sometimes it seems to her that Polly’s meow begins to resemble a bark.

The family is confident that over the years the friendship of Polly and Pax will only grow stronger. Take a look at these charms:

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