fathers who were categorically against cats and dogs in the house.


Many were faced with a parental ban. So you ask your father to get a little puss, but he categorically answers No! But then, despite the refusal, the long-awaited cat or dog still appears in the house. And then the father, who was against, is changing …

Keep him away from furniture!

5 years ago, my father said that he hates dogs

Caring like a child

Dad said he is not a catman

The main thing is not to move, so as not to wake the cat

He didn’t want to take a dog

Only brutal dogs will be in our house

And two years later, they already blow out the candles together

Well, and who do you think was against the pet?

Even eat together

I will not allow him to sleep on the bed! – said dad

He said he didn’t like cats

They spend all the time together

Father said that he would put both the dog and me outside the door. This photo is 2 months later

I will not sit with him when you are busy.


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