The cat lost her kittens, but replaced her mother with orphaned puppies


Residents left the rented apartment, and left behind a cat who had just given birth to babies. The abandoned Katherine was saved, but unfortunately, she lost her kittens.


Abandoned by the owners, Kathryn and newborn kittens were found in a rented apartment in the town of Langeban, South Africa. Unfortunately, when the cat was discovered, it was too late to save her offspring. Then she was taken to overexposure by an employee of the Langebaan Animal Care Rescue Center.


Katherine settled herself perfectly in the temporary home, giving her love to the whole guardian family. She was grateful for salvation, but something inside her was very longing. Sometimes the guardian heard the cat meow plaintively, looking for her children. It was impossible to look at it without pity.

Katherine’s life changed when the family took four orphaned puppies to the overexposure. She knew what to do – only when she saw them, the kitty began to lick the kids. When they cried, demanding a meal, she ran to them and reassured.

After a couple of days, the cat’s mother was inseparable from her canine children. Puppies doted on their furry mommy, constantly playing with her and demanding her affection. And Katherine bathed in happiness, rejoicing that she could give the kids her love.

Then the kitty began to feed the puppies with her milk. She stopped worrying and looking for her kittens, spending days and nights with puppies, says the guardian. The puppies were happy, and she was even more.


Katherine became a full-fledged “mother” of puppies – she licked them, slept with them, played and fed when they asked. Every time at least one of the puppies crawled away somewhere, Katherine began to worry and call him.

I have never met such a devoted and responsible mother, says the guardian. Katherine did not leave her puppies alone for a minute.

When the puppies grew up, they found permanent homes for them. However, Katherine already had new concerns – the guardians took for the overexposure of two orphaned kittens, picked up in the field. The family that sheltered Katherine was very lucky with such a responsible and caring assistant!

Many are already interested in taking Katherine to her, the guardian says. But for now, she will stay with us and continue to take care of the babies in need.



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