These Pets are so different! And yet they are inseparable friends!


Casey Boggs and her husband have been helping animals in trouble for many years. The seven saved — four dogs, a cat, and two ducks — live in their homes today. And – here’s a surprise: this magnificent seven has become almost inseparable. Pictures of such a charming company will make everyone smile!


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Meet Roxy, Edith, Mia, Rose, Jake, Gertrude and Donald – the most charming family in the world!

All seven were rescued by Casey Boggs and her husband, and found shelter in their home.

And they all just adore each other!

The ducklings were the last to enter the family – and it was truly love at first sight!


On weekends, the family usually goes outdoors.

This is what their walk usually looks like.


The first to get into the family was the Roxy Toy Fox Terrier, who did not have a hip joint.

A week later, the family took a pit bull named Nala, who had heart problems. Unfortunately, because of them, she soon died.

After Nala, the Boggs sincerely fell in love with the pit bull, and subsequently rescued from the cruel hands of two more dogs of this breed – Jake and Rose.

They took Jake (above) from the owner who kept him in a wooden box: he did not need a dog.


Rosie (right) lived in the quarter where dog fights took place. The police in these places, having barely seen the pit bull, immediately shot him to kill.

There is also Edith – a cross between a rat terrier and an Italian Greyhound.


Mia is a brave cat taken from a shelter.

The family is ready for new adventures!

Well, aren’t they cute?


By the way, in addition to the seven pets, the Boggs family is now expecting a baby!




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