The girl brought a cat from the street, and her cat fell in love with her at first sight (10 photos + 1 video)


The young lady got a little feline in the city, which was not in any case three weeks old. She brought the child home, and started to take care of her. A couple of days after the fact, the time had come to acquaint her with household felines – one of them promptly got intrigued by a modest visitor.


While strolling in the recreation center, Mila Litvinova heard a peculiar commotion from the shrubs. The young lady chose to go to the sounds, and saw a little high contrast cat. The battered, messy child obviously required assistance, and Mila couldn’t leave him to her destiny – she took the pieces and conveyed them to her home.


It worked out that it was a young lady who got the epithet (Penelope). The infant was extremely little, she was around three weeks old. She didn’t have the foggiest idea how to eat from a plate and utilize a plate, so Mila recommended that the child was conceived in the city.

The young lady started to encourage the infant from the syringe and familiar with the latrine. Penelope turned out to be connected to her, and cried each time the young lady left the room.

This time, Mila kept the cat independently, yet when Penelope recouped a bit, she chose to acquaint her with the residential felines, additionally once protected from the road – Zhulik and Marusya.

Preceding this, the ginger Rebel was generally inspired by a little visitor. At the point when the child started to squeak outside the entryway, he quickly ran in, and tuned in with energy to her howl. At the point when they were at long last presented, Rebel couldn’t control his feelings!


Kotyara started to run and hop around Penelope, attempting to play with her. The child was alarmed from the outset of a tremendous feline, yet in an hour these two couldn’t be destroyed. They played and surged around the house like old companions.

From that day, felines were indivisible. They played, ate, dozed together, and Rebel assumed the job of a safeguard – he continually watched his “more youthful sister” any place she went.


Mila’s family didn’t plan to get another feline, yet when they perceived how close the two were, they chosen – Penelope’s home is here, by them. “We just couldn’t separate them,” the young lady says..

Penelope is currently a full individual from Mila’s family. He and the Maverick are drawing nearer and friendlier consistently. As per the lady, they can energetically joke, however any false impressions end in an embrace.

Presently Penelope, whom the young lady once incidentally got in the city, is effectively growing up and is glad beside her caring family. Alongside her are caring proprietors, and furthermore a mindful fuzzy sibling. What else is required for feline bliss?




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