To whom the Golden Retriever breed dog is suitable


If you started to think about getting a pet, then you probably already faced the problem of choosing a breed for a future family member. How not to make a mistake and give the house to the one who is ideal for you and your lifestyle? Our series of materials devoted to this topic may perhaps help you decide. We will start with dogs, namely with one of the most popular and beloved breeds in the world: golden retrievers.


Let’s start with a quick reference. Golden Retriever is a hunting dog breed bred in the UK in the 19th century. Now few in the CIS will come up with the idea of sending these peace-loving beauties in the wake of small game, but earlier it was the retriever who obediently brought the owners the shot small prey. No wonder the word “to retrieve” is translated from English as “find, return.”

Today, golden retrievers are considered great companion dogs for the whole family. And this is true: they are not at all aggressive, kind, intelligent and easy to educate. If there are children in your house (even very small ones), then the retriever may be perfect for you, but you should remember a few nuances.

No breed of dog has any innate love for children, and even more so the ability of a good nanny. If you bring up the Golden Retriever, teach him self-control and more calm behavior next to the child, then they will get along well. These dogs are patient, so that even molestation and games they can take longer than, say, their closest relatives Labradors.

Despite its generally calm disposition, the Golden Retriever is a dog in need of an active lifestyle. Short walks of 20 minutes are not suitable for her: she likes to run, play and carry out the owner’s commands. These charming pets also need constant training. Fortunately, they love to learn and are fully human oriented, so even novice dog breeders will be able to cope with the education of the Golden Retriever.

Another undoubted plus of the Goldens is emotional stability. They do not run after every dog they meet, behave obediently on walks, do not pull the leash and do not suffer outbreaks of aggression. With great desire, even elderly people can become owners of such pets. The main thing is to remember that you need to walk a lot with them, even if they are walks in the park with leisurely games.


At first glance, it seems that a golden retriever will suit literally everyone. Yes, you can say that this is so, but there are several nuances that must be observed if you want to have such a dog.

Firstly, she is not one of those who can sit at home for a long time and all alone. If you disappear for days at work and come only at night, then you run the risk of discovering that your pet has made a complete mess of boredom and sadness.

Secondly, golden retrievers are not the best companions for avid travelers. Due to their size and soft nature, it is difficult for them to constantly fly and travel. However, if you train a dog to travel from childhood, it can work.

Thirdly, goldens are not suitable for those who are not ready to spend time caring for a dog. They have a thick and long coat that needs to be combed and kept clean. And do not forget that after most walks you will have to carry this not-so-lightweight dog to the bathroom, especially in the fall.

Perhaps the only thing these dogs are not suitable for is security. They certainly can’t be put on a chain in a booth or wait for them to rush to a crowd of hooligans, feeling the danger. It is simply not in their nature.
Summarizing, we can safely say that the Golden Retriever is a great option even for beginner dog lovers. This is a companionable, smart and emotionally stable breed, it is suitable for families with children and people who lead a mobile lifestyle. Goldens will become wonderful family members, the main thing is to remember to pay attention to them and remember that they need constant activity.

P.S. Of course, each dog is unique and can demonstrate different traits of character and features in behavior. All of the above is generalized information about the representatives of this breed, but we are sure that there are golden retrievers with other individual traits.

Are there any happy owners of golden retrievers among our commentators? Share your experience, have you had any difficulties?



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