English Bulldog: who is suitable for this breed of dog


Symbols of England, status indicators and just dogs with a very bright appearance – these are the English bulldogs on advertising posters. What is really hidden behind their expressive eyes and powerful silhouettes? We understand our informative material that will help you understand whether you get along with representatives of this noble breed.

First of all, it’s worth saying that with bulldogs you will succeed if you love them. Truly, devoting a lot of time, investing in education and leisure. These dogs are like children: they constantly need your attention and care, and if you dare to at least give reason to doubt it, they will conceal resentment and begin to behave in spite of you.

If you disappear for days at work and plan to regularly leave the dog alone, forget about the English Bulldogs. They can’t stand loneliness and begin to mischief, they can become arrogant and even aggressive. They need the constant presence of a person nearby!

Bulldogs are companion dogs that fit perfectly into the family. They treat children well and can endure their harassment and poking for some time. Bulldogs are also comfortable next to pensioners, who can devote all their free time to them. As for training and education, you need to be patient: bulldogs are quite amenable to the study of teams, but they will think three times whether they need to do this before listening to the owner.

If you want a dog that will be content with a couple of 20-minute walks a day, an English bulldog is your option. These are absolutely apartment pets, they do not particularly favor long activity due to physiological characteristics. In the heat, they overheat due to the structure of the respiratory system, and in the cold, they freeze due to the small fat layer and thin coat. They lack the stamina for long games and walks, but, nevertheless, bulldogs like to play. True, these are very short bursts of activity, after which they quickly get tired.

When planning to get a bulldog, remember that this breed requires careful care. You must become a real parent for them: regularly clean the folds, wash it, since he himself cannot reach some places, cut his nails, clean his ears, eyes and nose. In general, everything is like with a baby!

The English Bulldog is not the cleanest breed. They snore loudly, can blow gas, eat noisily and drink water. This option is definitely not suitable for the opportunists. Also, be prepared to decently spend money on medical services for your pet, as bulldogs are characterized by rather poor health.

Despite all the difficulties that arise with them, English Bulldogs for decades remain one of the most beloved breeds in the world. Why? Yes, everything is simple: these dogs have bright personalities, and they love their owners so much that they more than compensate for all financial and moral costs. These are very smart, emotional and emotional companions, they are able to simply enjoy the company of a person, sitting next to him in the evenings at the TV.

If you want to always pay attention to yourself and have not just a pet next to you, but a real friend with a bright character who will bring you many positive emotions, then the English bulldog is the right choice! It is perfect for pensioners and families with children who are willing to pay enough attention to these charming dogs.


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