Pomeranian Spitz: what kind of host gets along with this breed


Cute lumps that leave no one indifferent, always smiling positive carriers, fluffy and charming characters of social networks – all this, of course, about Pomeranian spitz, dogs, which are one of the most beloved in the whole world. Many people believe that there is no pet option for an apartment better than oranges: is this really so?


Pomeranian spitz-dogs are miniature and very fluffy handsome men who really feel comfortable in the most modest living spaces. In addition, their thick coat allows them to calmly survive low temperatures, which made them popular even in the cold latitudes of the CIS countries.


Looking at the plush oranges, I immediately want to hug and cuddle them, like the cutest toys. But their fluffy wool is quite insidious and has the ability to crumble intensely. Owners need to be prepared for the abundance of wool in the house and on clothes, so that irritable cleanlings are unlikely to be able to withstand these dogs for a long time.

Another important quality that the owner of oranges should have is activity. These dogs will not go to the toilet at home on a diaper, and then doze on the sofa. They need long walks, games, training, communication with relatives: even in winter, they are not afraid of either snow or ice, so do not expect to get off with light five-minute runs with these charming charm.

Despite their miniature size and smiling faces, Pomeranian spitz dogs have very stubborn characters. It’s not so easy to train them, but you don’t need to throw their upbringing in any case, otherwise they can turn into embittered and always yapping creatures. Be prepared for the fact that Spitz do not like to sit at home alone: they begin to whine and bark, play pranks and in every way attract your attention.

Pomeranians can be educated to be patient with the harassment of young children, but they are rarely enthusiastic about such a company. It is much easier for teenagers to find a common language with them. Ideally, if there are schoolchildren in the family, they will often be able to spend time with them


Thanks to stereotypes, some people believe that Spitz can be used as “pocket” dogs: carry on hands, sit on a sofa in a restaurant, go on trips. In fact, the Spitz is too active and willful – they rarely can sit still and endure long immobility. For these purposes, it is better to have a chihuahua.

Loud barking, cocky character, desire to dominate – all these qualities are inherent in Oranges to the full, so if you want to establish relations with your pet, be sure and firm, educating him. These cute little dogs perfectly feel the weakness of character, and those who can “crush” for themselves. Be careful with them 🙂


So, what kind of owner would be just perfect for a Pomeranian? This is an active and athletic person, confident, ready to devote time to training and caring for the dog. He should treat his pet as a friend and companion, and not as an accessory for walks and trips, have a decent supply of clothes rollers in the house to clean it from wool, and not be lost all day at work.

Do you think that everything said about Pomeranian is true? Share your opinion in the comments!



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