On a busy highway, a bewildered little dog ran up to people


Drivers driving along the highway often notice dogs on remote roadsides of the city. How they get there is unclear: someone far from home is thrown by the unfortunate owners, someone himself wanders there, driven by people. The main character of this story, a miniature dog named Fifa, just fell into this situation, but, fortunately, she met good motorists on her way.


Fifa ran along the highway near one of the villages in the Novosibirsk region. Confused and frightened, the dog completely did not understand where to put herself, and it was immediately evident from her that she was not accustomed to street life. Interested people decided to stop to pick up the poor thing, and she gratefully jumped into the car.


So Fifa was in a shelter for homeless animals in Novosibirsk. She turned out to be young (1.5 years), a very cheerful and affectionate girl. Even to strangers, she was extremely positive and joyfully wagged her tail when they approached her to talk.

For Fifa, there was no less interesting lesson than walking with people. The provocative and charming girl instantly charmed everyone around and involved literally everyone who ended up walking with her in her games!

There was no doubt that Fifa was born a companion dog, who really needed her own family and a warm corner in the house. And soon all this came to her! Fifochka was taken to a new house and given her a new nickname: now her name is Juliet, and affectionately – Zhuley.

Fifa-Zhuli quickly developed a relationship with the owners. They lead an active lifestyle and take their pet for walks, which is why she is very, very happy. Woof 🙂


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