The dog has lost its way and lost its home


Police officers from the city of Odessa (Hector County, Texas, USA) worked in the department when a dog appeared on the doorstep. He had a collar and a friendly look, but the owner was not nearby.


The dog jumped into the front desk, where Sergeant Rusty Martin was sitting. He made a photo of the dog. Moreover, the dog did not look at all confused or scared, although it was obvious that she was lost.


The dog was examined and noticed an identification chip on the collar. That is how the police managed to inform the owner of the dog – Edward Alvarado – about the missing pet.

“Perhaps he just wanted to get the position of K-9 service dog,” the police joked.

Soon, a one-year-old dog named Chico returned to the owner. He is a cross between a husky and a German shepherd.

He played a little ball with the police, walking near the house, and without waiting for the arrival of the animal welfare service, he safely and independently returned to the owner. It turned out that the active dog often walks near the house



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