These Adorable Dogs Love Using Each Other As Pillows (25) pics


In the future, these golden retrievers are likely to become an example of a Sony textbook, because they literally love to lay heads on top of each other when they sleep. But as they say, let sleeping dogs lie. But it’s not painful to take pictures and shoot them like them.

A trio of Golden Retriever siblings Charlie, blond blonde, Body, golden brown and Riggs, small, are retrievers who are also nap enthusiasts. Charlie is the oldest of three, aged 4; Body – middle brother, almost 3 years; and Riggs is a 2 month old puppy. Their unique feature: they like to use each other as pillows during sleep.

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Golden retrievers are known for their good-natured, smart and friendly characteristics, but not for their accuracy. Judging by all the evidence, Body seems to be the biggest advocate for making his brothers’ pillows, but others seem to have borrowed this good habit too.


Dogs don’t just sleep together so their owners can take cute pictures. From an evolutionary point of view, dogs are pack animals, so being close to their littermates makes them feel warm and safe. Even when they get older, they still don’t get rid of the habit.



But they don’t just doze off all day. They constantly have other types of misadventures, so check their profiles on social networks. Instagram loves them – over the years, their account has gained loyal followers of 220 thousand. Scroll and you will understand why – enjoy!














#21 Humie sometimes serves as a pillow, too





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