These Hilarious Comics About Parrots Will Made Your Day Better, Illustrated By A Bird Owner (25 New Comics)


Do you know your pets as well as you can draw from their side? Sarah does. The 25-year-old from Texas has two birds: a sweet, but small hen, a hen, and a small body, the Blue Boy, and he gave the entire comic series to them. [Stories are often told] from the perspective of Moa and people who are mostly off-page, hence‘ Thoughts, Sarah told Bored Panda. I really like the ingenuity of the birds as well as how incompatible they are – I’m sure we’re pretty much the same! Many of the pieces were inspired by pet-friendly behavior, and are often thought of as when Sarah’s birds do something funny. The one thing that makes the series special is that I write comics about some of my readers’ birds, and make them respected stars! People tell me a little bit about their birds. and I come up with funny stories about them that are my vision. Sarah makes jokes because she’s a big fan of jokes and memes, and you can definitely get that out of her work. They are clean and self-aware. However, jokes are not superficial. On the other hand; they perfectly capture all the nuances of life and skin partners and their behavior. Keep scrolling and checking them out.

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There is even a book! Thoughts: Comics About Birds will arrive on November 1, 2020, but is available for pre-order. And Sarah has been working hard and long to go this time. “I’ve been drawing cartoons for my friends since I was 11, the self-taught artist said.My best friend Jacky and I were in a lot of the same school classes, and we would write cartoons about us and our friends and show each other. My first experience was Calvin. and Hobbes, I would read to my mother when I was a child. Meanwhile, Sarah is also a fan of other bird art such as Potato, A Budgie’s Life, and A Birb Thing. He also loves animals and thinks more like us than we realize.


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