Artist’s 15 Hilarious Comics For People Who Love Dark Humor “BY PAIN COMICS”


Many of us appreciate art and unexpected twists and turns. Putting them together, you get hilarious and shocking ToonHole Chris comics. Here are some of his best recent work, with conclusions we didn’t expect. pain comics; which was originally named constant pain, have quietly invented comics for nearly 10 years. His comic book inspiration is magical and comes from literally anything – overheard discussion, book, conversation, and more. Why don’t you scroll down and find some interesting ToonHole comics? Enjoy!

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#1 That’s okay. The first one was cool enough

#2 be cool

#3 water into wine

#4 memory loss

#5 danger

#6 This was so funny when I saw it on Tumblr four years ago

#7 I get the joke but this lowkey made me sad for the dolphin

#8 bullies

#9 Depends on the job requirement












The most popular example is Shakespeare’s own work, where he often saw tragic moments on the bright side. Or the famous work of British comedian Monty Python. Our brains have to work very hard to understand the sarcasm-the sarcastic message puts a load on our skull twice as much as the normal language form. I will. So having that feeling basically means that your brain is proficient in solving creative problems. If you overuse it, others may confuse your dark sense of humor with the behavior of sociopaths. He covers everything from animals to funny tips to random situations.


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