Artist Draw Relatable Comics About A Girl Born In The Internet Age (25 New Comics)


I’ve always dreamed of creating my own world where all the girls will be on the same page. The place where you can laugh heartily or just laugh and say, “Hey, it’s me!” That’s why through my comics, I decided to tell the world a story about a 20-year-old girl born in the age of the internet. In my comics, Hanna has different life situations and her views on them are the same as yours – she laughs, feels sad, goes crazy and sometimes just wants to be the little girl who can hide under her blanket. Selfishness is the tool that helps Hanna deal with her problems and stay neat and tidy. Hanna is an amazing girl who knows how to deal with pimples and stay calm. She knows what it means to have mood swings or to constantly think about her hair – should I cut or dye it better? Moona Mars and mum are Hanna’s best friends. But for the most part, she enjoys conversations with her fans. Her blog is her life! Only her fans give her the power to get up in the morning and create her comics!


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#1 For the nails i used to have really weak nails like they would crack a lot p easily and it was really irritating and so i started taking collagen supplements (hair, skin, and nails) and in like a month and a half they’re a lot stronger and don’t really crack. Haven’t noticed a difference in hair or skin but nails were the most irritating before

#2 Hmmhm, how old are you?


#3 That’s actually not true for most men

#4 Only girls will understand this pain! Are you in a relationship now?







#9 We are beautiful  Tag your bestie














#20 Ohh my Gosh! Can you relate? What do you think about










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