These 10+ Beautiful Comics to Bring Some Kindness Into Your Day


Lunarbaboon is a talented artist and a wise father. His comics are not only funny and hilarious but also very educational. But we can always get help if we want to accept it. And sometimes that help comes from pretty hilarious places, like comics from this family’s father, Chris Grady, who has been quite creative and cheerful about his family experience for some time. And the fact that Grady is dedicated to drawing sober comics, where he can share the experiences he had with two children, thanks to his beautiful project, which he called Lunarbaboon. It is with this that Grady confirms that he has managed to deal with his episodes of anxiety and depression, always trying to focus on the positive aspects of life, trying to see the pleasant side of things that arise in everyday life.


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Of course, no one is born with the experience needed to be a good father. Well, those are the things you learn when you start having children and you need to know how to do this, it is not very easy for some to understand. This is how this person turned the main aspects of everyday life into a picture full of love and understanding, trying to reflect the human, honest and benevolent aspects that any of us can have. life. Grady is inspired by his family because he felt lucky to have his wife, an avid wrestler who struggled with him, and she was described as his ideal partner. This provided a good and healthy approach to all aspects of his art, removing the fanciful parts of everything that needed light, color, and smile, and moving more towards the human and real aspects of life, it is an action. regular healing by accepting things as they are

















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