Volunteers accidentally found out about the former ward in trouble


A half-breed Central Asian Shepherd named Pirate is a unique dog in every way. Outwardly, the awesome giant, but in his heart – a real kind person who adores games and sincere emotions, a fun and amateur roller-coaster with children. His path to happiness was not simple and quick, but we will tell you everything in order.



For the first time, the Pirate entered the Kind Heart shelter as a teenager, reactive and loving. Then he was quickly taken to the house, but, upon reaching puberty, the owners decided not to castrate the Pirate. As a result, the dog constantly arranged shoots, but he was always found and returned back.

Once the employees of the “Kind Heart” quite by chance found out that their former ward had fallen into the municipal trap – his last escape from the hosts ended so sadly. The guy was returned to the shelter: it was clear that the Pirate needed people with a more confident character.

Looking at the photo of the Pirate, you can quickly understand that this giant was really an incredible good man. Look at his smiling face – well, isn’t that the charm itself? The pirate grew up with children, and therefore loved playing with them, spending time and being naughty. It seems that he was just very close in spirit with them 🙂

The Pirate knew how to properly guard, as the previous owners also taught him. His loud barking could scare away even the most determined attackers! Of course, with such dimensions, this smiling dog also had an excellent appetite: he was ready to do a lot for a tasty treat.


The pirate studied the teams without any problems, happily ran on collective walks with dogs, and welcomed his favorite volunteers with a bark of greeting. But still he really needed a host who could give the song a sea of attention, adventure and proper physical activity. Soon, such people really appeared in the life of the Pirate!

Here’s what the newly minted Pirate owners said after several days spent with him:

“It’s already the ninth day since he’s at home. Gradually we get acquainted with our big, small company. The second walk with three dogs. Even the coward York recognized him as an excellent dog. It’s true to play with him like a wave of his paw (we discuss the rules of the game with this kind face ), but when he was on equal terms with them, both immediately ran to sniff him. And the Pirate is glad. He’s a very playful, sociable and hugging guy. I’ll give a tasty treat and hug at first (I’ll leave) and then eat. Thank you for the Pirate! from her husband, from the first minute they found each other (cus you, fields, ravines, all of them). ”



Here in such a fun and positive family now lives the handsome Pirate. We hope that further on in his life everything will turn out positively, and he will no longer make attempts to escape!



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